Odia Calendar

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Overview of Odia Calendar

An Odia calendar is different from an English calendar. Difference is not only the language. Odia calendar is based on ancient astrology of Odia culture. In Odia it's called "Panji". In an Odia calendar there are 12 months in a year. But the name of months are different in Odia calendar. But one thing to keep in mind that the names of months in Odia is not only substituting the English names. Actually the months and dates in an Odia calendar is being calculated in a different method than usual English calendar. Read more in details.

Odia Calendar Months

Odia calendar is a solar calendar. Hindus in Eastern India using Odia calendar as their primary calendar to check the date, month and festivals. Every day, week and months in a Odia Calender is calculated by ancient technology invented by Hindus. This Odia Calendar is also known as Odia Panjika or Panji is the heritage of Odisha.

So the names of Odia Calendar Months is listed below serially one after another.

Odia Calendar 2021 February 2021 Odia Calendar March 2021 Odia Calendar April 2021 Odia Calendar May 2021 Odia Calendar June 2021 Odia Calendar July 2021 Odia Calendar August 2021 Odia Calendar September 2021 Odia Calendar October 2021 Odia Calendar November 2021 Odia Calendar December 2021 Odia Calendar

Major Festivals in Odia Calendar

In Odia culture there is a proverb called " Thirteen Festivals in Twelve Months". This represents the culture of Odisha. But actually Odisha and the culture of Odisha is more than ever you have heard or read anywhere. As a proof you can check here any month from the Odia Calendar and calculate the number of festivals in a month. I am sure you will find more than twenty festivals in a month. People here in Odisha celebrate their heritage culture and cultural activities with love. This is still going in this modern age of Odisha.

In Odisha most important festivals are announced as Government holidays. Some of the widely celebrated festivals in Odisha are Pana Sankranti, Debasnana Purnima, Raja Sankranti, Ratha Yatra, Akshyatritiya, Bahuda Yatra, Bolbam, Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Nuakhai, Janhi Osha, Garbhana Sankranti, Durga Puja, Dashahara, Kartikeya Puja, Bada Osha, Kartika Purnima, Bali Yatra, Chhadkhai, Sudasha Vrata etc.

All these festivals in Odisha or Odia calendar is calculated by the position of sun and moon. That's why Odia calendar is known as a solar calendar. A marvel made by ancient Hindu astrologers.

Odia New year

In Odia culture 1st January is not the start of new year. Pana Sankranti is the new year day according to the Odia calendar. Everyone in Odisha knows that Pana Sankranti is the Odia new year. Here Pana is a juice made out of ripped Indian bael, grapes, apple slices, coconut slices, curd, cheese, sugar and black pepper commonly. Pana is very healthy to drink. But this recipe varries in test due to availablity of ingredients in different districts of Odisha.

On Odia new year day there are many cultural activities performed by people and local priests. Jhamu Yatra is a famous festival in Odisha performing on that day.

2021 January Important Holidays
SI No Festival Name Date
01 English New Year 01-01-2021
02 Birth day of Pathani Samant 06-01-2021
03 Makar Sankranti 14-01-2021
04 Birth day of Subhash Ch. Bosh 23-01-2021
05 74th Republic Day 26-01-2021


Does Odia Calendar and English Calendar same?

Absolutely not. As we said before Odia calendar is based upon the solar calendar made by ancient Hindu astrologers. It is completely different than usual English calendars available in market. Odia calendar is a robust panchang currently using by Hindus.

Which day is celebrated as new year in Odia culture?

Pana Sankranti is the Odia new year. It is celebrated in all over Odisha.